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Stone Age

History: Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age In this session: Discover how Stone Age people lived in this exciting hands on session Using original artefacts see how Stone Age people hunted and fed themselves, made shelters and used their surroundings to sustain them Have a go at your own piece […]

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Titus T. rex Scientific Report: Results

TITUS SCIENTIFIC REPORT : RESULTS The right tibia has a lesion near the fibular crest with reactive bone growth surrounding it and extending distally along the bone. Surrounding the lesion, there is a raised edge. (Fig. 12) On the right pes phalanx IV-4 (Fig. 13a and 13b) there is a defect, somewhat spherical in shape, […]

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Titus T. rex Scientific Report: Systematic Paleontology

SYSTEMATIC PALEONTOLOGY DINOSAURIA Owen, 1841 THEROPODA Marsh, 1881 TETANURAE Gauthier, 1986 TYRANNOSAURIDAE Osborn, 1906 Tyrannosaurus rex Osborn, 1905 MATERIAL: The specimen was collected in Carter County, Montana in the upper middle portion of the Hell Creek Formation (Maastrichtian). DESCRIPTION: The bones have well-preserved periosteal surfaces with osteological details evident on many of the bones. There […]

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Calendar 2022: Wollaton Hall & Deer Park

Looking for the perfect gift this festive season?

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Titus: T.rex Is King | Exhibition | Volunteering

Titus Exhibition Assistant

Do you have a passion for dinosaurs, and interested to help visitors enjoy the exhibition?

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Urban Nature Project

The Urban Nature Project At Wollaton Hall we’re so pleased to be part of the exciting Urban Nature Project in partnership with the Natural History Museum, London and with other natural history museums across the country. We will be connecting teachers and new audiences of young people aged 9-14 to their local nature, and […]

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