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The Experience

Titus: T. rex is King is an extraordinary exhibition, showcasing the first real Tyrannosaurus rex to be displayed in England for over a century.

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The Exhibition

Titus: T. rex is King is an extraordinary exhibition, showcasing the first real Tyrannosaurus rex to be displayed in England for over a century.

Explore the world of this titanic predator and his story: you’ll see the skeleton of the T. rex himself, as well as digital and interactive virtual media displays that will immerse you in his extraordinary journey from discovery in the Montana Badlands in the USA, through the experience of excavation, curation, examination, rebuild and final reveal.

You will also be able to explore the legend of the T. rex, learn the truth behind the myths about this iconic dinosaur – and perhaps decide if in fact he was covered in scales, feathers or both.

An absolute must-see, this is an epic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come face to face with a real T. rex up-close and personal in the UK. Don’t miss the Titus: T. rex is King, only at Wollaton Hall.

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World Premiere Exhibition

The only real T.rex currently on display in the UK & most of Europe.

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Limited Time Only

Exclusive exhibition limited to 2021 / 22

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Discover Adventure

Unearth the legacy of the T.rex.

Explore the way it lived through interactive displays that delve deep into the dinosaur world.

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Explore the world of Titus and take a closer look at his features – his crushing bite, incredible eyesight and keen sense of smell, air-filled bones, weight, size and speed.

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Titus: T.rex Is King | Exhibition | Learning & Education | School Sessions

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Titus: T.rex Is King | Exhibition | Learning & Education | School Sessions

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Come learn about change in living things over time....

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