The right tibia has a lesion near the fibular crest with reactive bone growth surrounding it and extending distally along the bone. Surrounding the lesion, there is a raised edge. (Fig. 12)
On the right pes phalanx IV-4 (Fig. 13a and 13b) there is a defect, somewhat spherical in shape, in the outer (lateral) edge of the bone giving the appearance that it contained a structure during life. The internal structure of the defect is not smooth, but contains excrescences. There is no overhanging edge. The area is surrounded by serpentine zonal areas of bone resorption. The surrounding serpentine erosions appear to have zones of resorption. There are small pits on the surface of the bone, both circular and elongated. There is a set of 5 parallel grooves on the edge of the proximal articular surface reminiscent of erosion by disease. (Fig. 14) Overall, the phalanx is deformed and there are areas around the rim of the articular surface that appear to be reactive bone.

There is also direct external physical trauma to a caudal vertebral centrum. This is manifested as a deep puncture completely penetrating the bony cortex into the interior spongy bone of the centrum. (Fig. 15a and 15b; Fig. 15c, page 15; Fig. 18, page 17; Fig 19, page 17 ) This is associated with a tooth drag mark emanating from the puncture.

There is a raised edge of new bone growth on the rim of the puncture hole. There are several other abnormalities and perhaps exostosis in other areas. Without radiology the extent of the healing cannot be determined, but there appears to be reactive bone associated with the bite. The left prearticular, a mandibular element, has tooth scrape. (Fig. 16, page 16) There is no reactive bone surrounding them leaving interpretation of these as tooth marks inflicted after the death of this animal.


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