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Tips to stay

safe in the sun


British summer is in full swing, temperatures recently hit mid/high 30’s, in parts of the UK. With such high temperatures, visitors should take extra care when out and about in Wollaton Hall & Deer Park. 

It is always good to prepare for a hot day out, whether that be with yourself, a loved one or a group of friends or family!

To make your visit a little easier, we have a few tips to help you take extra care if outdoors:


Keeping yourself hydrated is important every day, but in this scorching heat:

  • Carry a bottle of water with you at all times.
  • Remember that our cafés can top up bottles with tap water, as part of the refill scheme – so refill using nearby jugs or ask at the café till point.
  • Water is your dog’s best friend too, so be sure to bring water for your dog too. We have a water bowl in the middle courtyard – to help keep man’s best friend hydrated too.


  • Make sure to lather you and your family with sunscreen, with a high enough SPF for your skin type!
  • With plenty of tree cover in the park, keep to shaded areas to keep you as cool as possible.
  • If you don’t have sunscreen, be sure to keep indoors and away from the sun.
  • If walking your dog in the park, make sure to keep them with you at all times, and consider walking in shade and at the cooler periods of the day, such as, first thing in the morning, to avoid the hottest part of the day. Do not leave dogs alone in the car, as like you, they too will need plenty of fresh air and shady walks.
  • If you are exercising, avoid doing so during the hottest parts of the day – and once again stay hydrated!


  • Wear light & cool clothing on hot days and perhaps carry a cardigan for cooler evenings and sun protection.
  • Wear a sun hat to give you extra shade, plus makes you extra stylish in the sun.
  • Top it off nicely with a pair of sunglasses. Not only will it help you see better in the sun, they can help protect your eyes too!
  • Wollaton Park is bigger than you think, wear footwear that is comfortable. Your feet will thank you for it!


  • Find a spot where the sun won’t scorch you. Always be mindful of where you can place yourself or the people that are joining you; there are plenty of spots near trees, so you can catch some shade while enjoying the summer. 
  • Picnics are welcome, but remember BBQ’s are not allowed in the park, for the safety of all wildlife!
  • Be considerate of others, remembering to take litter home with you.
  • Rubbish can be a serious problem in the park. Not only does it damage the lavish scenery, but it also harms wildlife – so we appreciate all the help from so many visitors and volunteers!


  • The wild deer that roam the grounds freely are beautiful and majestic animals, however they are wild animals and the park is their home.
  • Especially since calving season, the adult deer are more aggressive while protecting their young.
  • Be mindful to keep away from deer and if a deer crosses your path be sure to give them extra room. 
  • Keep dogs on leads, and if a deer then does approach you while you are walking with your dog, consider, in this situation, if you should drop the lead, so you and your dog can move away from the deer independently.
  • Walk along paths and keep away from long grass as this is where deer typically spend time with their young.

Enjoying Wollaton Park can certainly be a memorable day for you and everyone involved as long as we strive to take care of ourselves and those around us – so be safe if you are outdoors in the heat during the summer. 

More info to plan your visit, go to: www.wollatonhall.org.uk/visit

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