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Thursday 28th January: The exit gate on Wollaton Road will be closed due to maintenance on the cattle grid. All visitors accessing by car will be requested to enter / exit via the entrance gate on Wollaton Road.

Live in Nottingham? We encourage everyone to walk or cycle to the park rather than by car, where possible, as this not only helps the environment, though keeps roads clear for the emergency services & keyworkers. All ways we can keep each other & the park safe.

European Research Night 2020


Have you heard about the European Researchers’ Night?

It’s a night where you can discover the amazing world of science on Friday 27 November 2020 – through a series of events happening throughout the country. Discover the events here.

As our Learning & Education team work closely with universities and schools and deliver educational services such as Access Artefacts all year round, in aid of the European Researchers’ night, they’ve worked with Nottingham Trent University to showcase some research to inspire & delight about nature & wildlife through a series of videos and presentations.

Topics include:

  • Citizen Science: The Secret Science Show
  • What Nature has done for us
  • Peregrine Falcons
  • Entomophagy

Citizen Science : The Secret Science Show

Credits: Sue Mallender at Nottingham City Museums

This video is about how anyone with a smartphone or a computer can join in to help scientists carry out their research.

Ideal for children year 5 and above

2020.11.27 The Secret Science Show online *

* Click to download the PowerPoint with voice recording on the bottom right of each slide.


What Nature Has Done For Us

Credits: Hollie Lane at Nottingham Trent University / Frozen Ark

This video is about the Frozen Ark project and illustrates how young people can get into science.

Ideal for children year 5 and above

* Expand to see full screen


Peregrine Falcons

Credits: Louise Gentle at Nottingham Trent University

This video is about Peregrine falcons and is ideal to inspire young people with an interest in wildlife.

Ideal for children year 5 and above

* Expand to see full screen



Credits: Robert Murdock at University of Nottingham

This video is about Entomophagy and is great for adults to discover about how eating insects may benefit the human race

Ideal for adults

European Researchers Night Presentation *

* Click to download the PowerPoint with voice recording on the bottom right of each slide.

If you would like further information and for any queries about the items listed, please email

Discover more about our Learning & Education, visit the page.

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