Customer notice: It is calving season at Wollaton Park (May – July). Keep a wide berth from deer and avoid hot spot areas.

Darwin in Colour


Come and learn about Darwin in colour…

Science: Change in living things over time, fossil record, adaptation and evolution

In this session:

  • Find out about the ground-breaking and controversial evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace which shook Victorian society
  • Examine some of Darwin’s evidence for survival by natural selection
  • Investigate amazing specimens from our handling collection which illustrate how creatures have evolved using colour to help them survive: look at camouflage, warning colours and mimicry.

Times: 10.30-12 or 1-2.30

Cost per session: £180



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Location: Wollaton Hall & Deer Park
Stage: KS2, KS3
Theme: Natural History, Environment
Subjects: History, Science


For the full Titus the T. rex experience, visit the exhibition page.

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