Customer Notice: The Formal Gardens are closed until January 2024 for the setup and running of the Christmas at Wollaton light show.

Curriculum links

Science: identifying differences, similarities or changes related to simple scientific ideas and processes

Recognise that a switch opens and closes a circuit and associate this with whether or not a lamp lights in a simple series circuit

Recognise some common conductors and insulators, and associate metals with being good conductors.

Computing: select, use and combine a variety of software (including internet services) on a range of digital devices to design and create a range of programs, systems and content that accomplish given goals, including collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information

Conducting Nature: The Sound of Plants

Explore the beautiful Camellia House at Wollaton Hall,find out about the electrical signals within plants and what they can tell us.

The group will explore and create simple circuits, discovering and testing the conductivity of a range of materials.  These discoveries will then be used to create conductive plant sculptures.

Using Makey Makey technology ( the group will turn their plant sculptures, foraged materials and plants into controllers and use them to play a digital keyboard, creating their own plant inspired music and sounds.

When: 10.30 am -12.00 pm or 1.00 pm -2.30 pm

Cost per session: £6 per child

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